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Attendance and School Opening Times

At Belvedere Infant School we believe that regular and punctual attendance is absolutely vital if children are to make sustained progress, reach their full potential and feel part of their class and whole school community. Any absence affects the pattern of a child’s schooling and regular absence will seriously affect their learning. Parents have a duty to ensure that their children are receiving efficient full-time education. All children, regardless of their circumstances, are entitled to a full time education which is suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they may have. Children missing education (CME) are at significant risk of underachieving, being victims of abuse, and becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) later on in life.

Schools also have safeguarding duties under section 175 of the Education Act 2002 in respect of their pupils, and as part of this should investigate any unexplained absences. Please see the Attendance Policy here.

So that every child can achieve their full potential we aim:

  • To encourage pupils to attend every day and arrive punctually
  • To create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where children feel valued
  • To provide a stimulating and accessible curriculum
  • To ensure parents understand the importance of good attendance and punctuality and are fully aware of school procedures
  • To strive for an attendance percentage of 96% or above for each pupil in line with national standards.

Procedures in the school

Beginning of day - school gate opens at:

Lower Road entrance: 8.40am

Mitchell Close entrance for Nursery: 8.40am

Morning Registration:

8.45am Reception and Key Stage 1

Morning Nursery End of session time:

Afternoon Nursery Start of session time:



Afternoon registration:

1.00pm Reception & Key Stage 1

School finishes:

   3.25pm Nursery

   3:15pm Reception and Key Stage 1

Total school opening hours:

   15 hours per week Nursery

   32.5 hours per week Reception and Key Stage 1

Absence procedures  

Parents must contact the school on first morning of absence – telephone or email

If no contact is made/no explanation given for absence by the parent/carer the school will make contact – First Day Calling

If the school is unable to make direct contact the Safeguarding Lead may authorise engagement with Children’s Social Services

Home visits by Educational Welfare Officer may be made for pupils with persistent absence or where there are safeguarding concerns

Senior Leaders will be consulted about unexplained absences and they may authorise that the school need to contact Children’s Social Services, EWO or police when a child’s absence cannot be accounted for

Signing in and out

School office

Children leaving school in the day time

Evidence of appointment letter will be requested or confirmation text seen.


Small certificates issued weekly for 100% attendance that week.

Each individual week of 100% attendance equals one entry into the prize raffle.

Termly 100% attendance certificates

Notifying parents of poor attendance/punctuality

Absence letters sent home fortnightly, lateness letters after 3 lateness in a ½ term. Meetings with Inclusion Team and if necessary Educational Welfare Officer

EWO visits to schools


Children on the Child Protection Register

Safeguarding and Inclusion Team will contact social services if a child is absent, even when reasons are unauthorised

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