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Lateness and Absence

Registration and Punctuality

Our School Hours are: 8:45-3:10 EYFS,  8:45-3:15 KS1 and KS2

  • In KS1, classroom doors will open at 8:45am. In KS2, teachers collect children from the playground at 8:45am. Children from KS2 arriving between 8:45 am and 8:55am are able to make their way directly to the classrooms.
  • All children should be in their classrooms by 8.55am. Classroom doors close at 8:55am. Electronic registration is used in all year groups and taken twice per day at 8:55am and 1.05pm. A school day counts as 2 marks of attendance.
  • Morning registration ends at 8:55am if a pupil arrives after this time he/she should be accompanied by the parent to the main reception. Any pupil arriving after 9.30am will become an unauthorised absence and marked as an absentee for the whole of the morning session.
  • It is essential that children arriving and leaving school with a parent/guardian outside the normal school hours are signed in or out from the office. The signing in/out register in the office is used in the case of an emergency or a fire drill.
  • Please note the school day ends at 3.00pm for nursery, 3:10pm for Reception and 3.15pm for years 1 to 6. Please be prompt when collecting your children from school.
  • The Education Welfare Officer will be informed of persistent latecomers.

Illness and Medical Appointments

Every effort should be made to arrange medical appointments outside of school hours. However we are aware that appointments during school time are sometimes unavoidable. If it is necessary for a child to be out of school for this reason, the child should be returned to school directly after the appointment.

Following an episode of vomiting or diarrhoea pupils are requested to remain away from school for a period of 48 hrs. This is in line with guidance from the Health Protection Agency for schools and childcare settings and helps to reduce the spread of infection between pupils.


Parents/carers are requested to telephone on the first day of absence before 8:55am on 01424 851 783 as early as possible. You can also send a message via email to the school office: office@hps.e-sussex.sch.uk.

The schools attendance officer will endeavour to contact the parent/carer if no message has been received regarding the reason for the pupil absence.

Attendance Facts - Did You Know?

Out of 365 days each year children need to attend school for 190 days which leaves 175 non school days to enjoy together!
• 95% attendance or above (180-190 days in school) gives your child the best chance for them to achieve well.
• 90% or below (170 days in school or less) will make it difficult for your child to achieve their best.
• Being late also means lost learning time for your child- 5 minutes late every day adds up to 3 days over a year and 15
minutes every day will mean 2 weeks lost in learning time.
• School starts at 8:45am and 8:50am for Reception Times, School ends at 3:15pm or 3:10pm for Reception Please be on time

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