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We have 3 class across Year 3 and Year 4. They follow the same topics.

Autumn 1 - Brainwave

We will be learning about our brain and how we can use it to learn lots of new and different things every day, enabling us to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding that we will need to become successful now and in the future. By finding out more about how we learn, and how we can improve the way that we learn, we will be better equipped for meeting the many challenges ahead of us. We will need to be metacognitive learners, scientists and internationally minded. 

How can we use our knowledge of the brain to help us on our learning journey?

Autumn 2 - How humans works

We will be learning about the different functions of the human body, including how we see, hear, digest, breathe and move. We will also investigate how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the effects of diet and exercise on the body.

We will need to be scientists, nutritionists and sports instructors in order to gain a deep understanding of how humans work. Have you ever considered how your body works?

And what does it really mean to be healthy?

Spring 1 - Land Sea and Sky

In this unit we will be learning about plants and animals, and how they can adapt to living almost anywhere on Earth. Our planet has a number of different habitats, each with their unique climate and geology. As geographers, in this unit, we will find out about how water, soil and rock can change the environment or be changed by natural forces such as water. We will need to be scientists to examine how different organisms have adapted to survive on land, in the sea and in the sky. In International we will be looking at what we can do to help in preserving living things. In this unit we will ask exciting questions such as: How do plants and animals adapt to water habitats? How do animals and plants depend on each other for survival and how can human actions support or upset this delicate balance?

Spring 2 - Different Places, Similar Lives

In Different Places, Similar lives we will be learning about the similarities and differences between how people lead their lives in different countries throughout the world. We will need to be global ambassadors as we compare our school life with another school internationally, geographers as we explore how the climate affects the way people live and historians as we learn about how important people in the countries we are studying have changed lives. Can people have similar interests and lifestyles even if they live in different countries of the world?

Summer 1 - Travel and Tourism

There are many reasons people travel, to see friends and family, to relax or to explore new places. Where would you really like to go? Why might people come to your host continent? We will need to be geographers as we explore the places people go, how they get there and the things they might see. Are you ready to explore our world? 

Summer 2 - Scavengers and Settlers

We will be learning about how historians find out about the past civilisations and what clues we can uncover about the people that lived during different eras from the evidence that has been left behind. We will be historians and explore how early humans adapted and developed new skills in order to survive, as well as exploring the different settlements they created long ago. We will also be finding out about our ancestors, who they were and what they did during three key eras: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Are our ancestors different to the past

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